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Tony Velterop

DPI Secretary

My first camera was a Agfa little thing which I got in the late fifties. I mainly took some pictures from school outings to a zoo. Later I took pictures from family days out and family events. After a few more Agfa camera's I bought my first SLR camera in the mid 70's, a Practica which stopped working in the mid 80's. Bought various other camera's and at the moment I use a lumix.

In 1968 I came to the UK for the first time and came back several times a year till we moved to Sussex in the early 80's. After 20 years we moved back to Holland but returned 4 or 5 times a year for the holidays. Our son stayed in the UK. In 2011 our granddaughter was born in Budleigh and it was a no brainer to move to Sidmouth which was the best thing we ever did. At the same time I retired and joined SPC, a great bunch of people and a very friendly club.

In Holland I was a member of AFVP in Etten Leur. We stayed in contact and they are now part of our international 3 Way Exchange together with Kouvola in Finland.

I photograph everything and also use my mobile a lot for photography, it has a very good camera.

Tony Velterop
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