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Karen Brindley

External Competition Secretary

I am a keen amateur photographer and have been taking pictures since my teenage years. I started with photos of my friends, family and trips away, but over the years my interests have evolved and the advent of digital cameras and software manipulation has certainly opened up new possibilities. I enjoy a variety of different photographic genres, but I suppose the common themes would be storytelling (especially when taking portraits) and details (such as colours, textures or shapes). I moved over to an Olympus mirrorless system from Canon around four years ago and definitely prefer carrying less weight around!

While living in Yorkshire for the last 5 years, I was fortunate to be able to travel all over the North with my fellow photographic foragers, visiting different cities, towns, beaches and attractions to take pictures and have enjoyed nothing more than finding new sights to inspire me. I moved back to Sidmouth in 2021 after an absence of 35 years and joined SPC to make new friends and keep pushing my photography forward. I’m happy to say that I have already achieved both of these goals, due to the friendly nature of the club and the support of fellow members and am looking forward to contributing to the future of SPC with my participation on the Committee.

Karen Brindley
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