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John Marchbank


Brought up in Liverpool, university in Scotland and working in the West Midlands, Wiltshire, Bristol & Bath, taking photographs has been a significant part of my life since being given my first roll film camera at the age of 8. I moved onto my first 35mm at age 14, an East German Zeiss Werra bought with saved up pocket money, then came my first SLR, a Russian Zenit. I inherited my father's Nikon SLR and lenses in 1990 so have followed the Nikon trail ever since: F80, D90, D7100 and now D750. My main interests were family and travel photography, particularly landscapes.

Having moved to Sidmouth in 2010 to be nearer to both our Devon based children and their families, joining SPC in 2011 was an eye opener. I thought my picture taking was quite competent until I saw what was possible, particularly in the new to me age of digital photography. I have learned a huge amount from both speakers, judges and club members and have even been able to pass on some of my new learning to others. SPC is friendly and supportive and I would recommend joining to anyone with an interest in photography.

John Marchbank
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