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Ian Hosker

Training Officer

I joined the club in 2018. I was taught photography by a talented uncle who introduced me to the dark arts of image making when I was about 5. I can still remember the smells of the darkroom and the magic of an image appearing in the bath of developer under red light. So, my photographic background has been life-long.

I trained as a biologist and used my photography as part of ecology research and teaching, but as life stages change, so has my photography. My main interest in photography now is in documentary and ‘story-telling’, and so audio-visual (AV) work is a natural development of that.

I swapped from full frame Canon to Fuji X series mirrorless some years ago. Big SLR’s and lenses make it very difficult to be unobtrusive as a photographer. The smaller, lighter mirrorless technology makes it much easier for travelling and being an unobtrusive observer/photographer.

Now semi-retired from my own educational consultancy company, I have created a range of online materials to support skills development of our members.

Ian Hosker
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