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Andy Carmichael

Programme Secretary

I have had an interest in photography for decades, but only really scratched the surface of what is achievable with a camera until I retired in 2019 and decided that I needed a hobby (naively thinking I’d have plenty of time on my hands) After a couple of years I realised my photography lacked purpose. It was great getting out and about to take the images, but they just sat on my hard drive never to be seen again.

Since joining Sidmouth Photographic Club in 2021 my photography has steadily improved and although it can be painful having one's images critiqued by judges, it is a great way to learn. Seeing other member’s work has shown the depth and breadth and quality, of what is possible, and I have ventured out to other genres of photography, always returning though to my first love of landscape.

My aim, as Programme Secretary, is to put together (with the aid of my committee colleagues) a series of events that will both entertain and educate all the club members and to help them develop, in their own way, the wonderfully creative and rewarding world of photography.

Andy Carmichael
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