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Nightjar Walk - Mutters Moor Copy

Fungi of Artist’s Bracket, Hoof, Brittle Cinder, King Alfred’s Cakes, Mazegill, Blushing Bracket, Birch Bracket, Earthball, Hairy Curtain Crust, and Cinnamon Crust. Hawthorn blossom, Beard lichen and many other forms, the evening choral of the song thrush, eerie call of the tawny owl, splendid views down to Sidmouth and along the Otter Valley, an amazing red sunset, and of course, the Nightjars…..just a few of the wonders of the moor enjoyed by the 10 members on this, the first of this year’s Summer Outings.

Three miles, and a long evening, starting at 18.30 for a fungi photoshoot, and ending at 22.15, with just one stop for refreshments at Keble’s Seat, the only sign of tiredness by the end was the continuous noisy chatter of the participants had softened to but a quiet murmur.

Nightjar Walk - Mutters Moor  Copy

Bob Reynolds

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