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Honiton vs Sidmouth 2024 Battle Success

Well, what a night we had in Honiton on 15th March for the annual Battle, with a great turn out from SPC Members. Although John Tilsley wasn't able to make it, Malcolm McNaughtan was an excellent replacement Judge, and gave concise and thoughtful feedback on all of the images: 20 prints, 10 DPIs with set subjects and 30 open DPIs.

Prints were first, with 5 categories: Landscapes, Mono, Portraits, Creative and Nature. The quality of all the prints was very high and at the end of this section, Honiton had 84 points and Sidmouth 85 - so very much anyone's game.

We had a break before the DPIs and in the adjoining room were met with the wonderful sight of a table laden with cream teas...all handmade by one of Honiton's members. Needless to say, we didn't waste any time in enjoying the fruits of her labour and all agreed that whatever the results of the evening, we would certainly remember the fabulous cream tea!

Back to business, and Malcolm went on to judge the DPI set subjects: In All Weathers, Playing with Time, Pretty in Pink, ICM and From the 19th Century, before working his way through the open DPIs. We saw an impressive mix of styles and genres - again with fairly close marking. At the end, Malcolm then proceeded to select his top 3 images, which earned an extra 1, 2 and 3 points for the author. And so, the closing scores were...Honiton 249, Sidmouth 258.

A special mention goes out to the following members who scored 10/10, which undoubtedly let to our success (Sidmouth securing 5 out of the 7 top scores): Paul Gale - Blond Capuscin (Print - Nature), Brian Sherlow - Early Evening at Clifton Suspension Bridge (DPI - From the 19th Century), U-Bahn - Mike Hawkridge (DPI - open), Armenian Church Service - Paul Mellor (DPI - open) and The Last of the Light - Mike Hawkridge (DPI - open). And a special, special mention to Paul Gale, whose print was chosen as Malcolm's favourite and earned an extra 3 points - a well deserved recognition for this beautiful print.

A massive congratulations to all of our members whose images were included in the Battle and secured our win.

Honiton vs Sidmouth 2024 Battle Success

Karen Brindley

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